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Some Dangers Shop for Women's Health

Is coffee harmful to women's health? The question frequently arises in the community. This is because now a lot of women who like to consume coffee like a man. If the first is synonymous with a man, not anymore because men and women alike become coffee connoisseurs, especially in Indonesia. In Indonesia is very popular with a variety of coffee, so that's why coffee has become a craze and routines performed by everyone, such as drinking coffee in the morning, at work, hanging out and many others.
In connection with the coffee, this time will explain about the dangers of coffee to women's health. The coffee was very dangerous to women's health. As we know the physical condition of women tend to be weaker than men. So that the effect of coffee will be felt for a woman's health. Many a study related to the dangers of coffee, showed that coffee contains hazardous materials, especially to women's health, namely the content of caffeine and niacin. Both of these contents will be bad for women's health if consumed frequently. So what are the dangers of coffee to women's health? Immediately, note the following review!

Here's Some Dangers Shop for Women's Health

the content of caffeine contained in coffee can make the adrenal glands are stimulated. Thus making stress hormones into soaring. From the condition that is often called the caffenism or syndrome that makes someone is having trouble sleeping, feeling agitated, anxious, and many others. If the coffee consumption habits is still done by women of course will further aggravate your health condition spikis.

Coffee danger to the health of the woman is able to trigger indigestion. In some cases this bekalangan consume lots of coffee will damage the hull. So women tend to be very susceptible to ulcer disease. Moreover, because kpi also contain these acids are made can lead to constipation and abdominal pain.

damage Bones
Each consumed about 350 mg of caffeine that it will reduce the amount of calcium in the body as much as 5 mg. The more you consume coffee, it will cause more severe damage to bone or often referred to as osteoporosis.

Premenstual Syndrome (PMS)
PMS is no stranger to the woman. This syndrome is unusual tasted two weeks before menstruation and stopped after blood out but some are experiencing this until after menstruation or menstruation. Well premenstrual syndrome can be psychological, physical or emotional. Now what to do with coffee? caffeine in coffee can aggravate the symptoms earlier. Many women who often complain of headaches, pain, and bloating that can be caused by caffeine that has properties reduce the content of vitamin B and metabolic processes in the body.

difficulty Pregnant
Bad consequences or danger to the woman of the last coffee was able to make a woman pregnant difficulties. This is because the content of caffeine found in coffee may inhibit channels egg to the uterus. Besides the caffeine content will also damage the cell lines of ovarian egg toward the uterus. So because of that makes for pregnant women have had difficulties. If you do not want to happen it would be nice if you begin now to avoid the consumption of coffe.
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